One lazy Saturday afternoon I found myself wandering around Carnaby Street and of course, like most bloggers in London, I felt the unavoidable grasp of Liberty…pulling me through the doors past the unaffordable handbags and right on through to the beauty section. After spraying myself with the most expensive perfume I could find and using the Aesop hand-cream I moseyed on over to the main section and my eyes were drawn to the huge bathtub full of Pixi Glow Skin Tonic.

Having followed beauty blogs for quite a few years now I had seen countless people rant and rave about this product – and I thought that I could part with the £18 just this once, as it comes highly recommended.

Now – those bloggers new what the were talking about. I love this product.

This is the best toner I have ever tried…and I have gone through a few (in fact I used one that bleached my towel after drying my face…naaaaaht great). This product contains 5% Glycolic Acid which helps exfoliate the dead skin revealing brighter and plumper skin. However, unlike the bleachy towel toner, this is soft and gently on the skin – probably down to the addition of Aloe Vera. Another few ingredients to mention at the Ginseng and Fructose which help tighten you skin and adds to the overall glowy complexion. I use this by cleaning my face thoroughly, then getting a cotton pad and putting it all over my face avoiding the eye area – every morning and every evening. I have to say, it has worked wonders and is well worth the £18 price tag

In fact – for £18 I would say it’s a bargain especially in the context of Liberty!



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