Emily Skye – 28 Day Shred

Emily Skye – whether you have or haven’t heard of her, it’s impossible to deny that her body is pretty impressive. I first stumbled across Emily one lonely Winter evening when I had consumed an entire tub of ice cream and subsequently googled “Top 10 fitness people to follow on social media” because maybe if my feed was flooding with them working out, I wouldn’t be tempted by Ben n Jerry’s fish food ever again. Sensible, right? Healthy and normal actions, yeah?

Now – around 80% of these fitness ‘influencers’ were unbearable to follow. Endless work outs shaming me for only working out 4 times a week, cladded in Sweaty Betty from head to toe and making me loathe my Puma leggings and lacking any kind of personality. However, a few of them I really actually enjoyed following – Emily Skye being the main one. She is funny, personable, honest and actually seems genuinely happy. Her Snapchat rants are filled with positivity and she posts photos of herself being bloated/spotty and in awful angles to remind everyone that no one is perfect – which is pretty easy to forget in this world.

However I was unaware of her diet plan (she clearly needs to plug it a little harder on her social media….) until I met up with a friend for dinner and she looked great. Slim, toned, glowing skin and really happy! Strange concoction for someone living in London, I know.

Turns out she had just done 3 weeks of the Emily Skye 28 Day Shred – which I immediately went and bought. Now the plan is broken down into  3 versions – meat eaters, vegetarian and vegan and I have to say the dishes are hit and miss. My favourites have to be the smoothies, pancakes and fish cakes (not altogether.) The plan is focused around eating no processed food, no additives and cooking everything from scratch/preparing it for the next day – which means I get to use my Kiki K meal planner – win.



I am a week into the diet and have learnt a few things about myself – I can actually cook, but I make a huge mess and it takes me three times as long as a normal person. I have also become someone who lives in Holland and Barratt and has no shame in asking where the Pink Himalayan Salt is…

It’s worked so far, my skin has cleared up and I am feeling a lot healthier. The plan is meant to be paired up with home workouts that are really hard but done in around 30 mins – which I enjoy but I focus more on my Class Pass workouts – can’t beat ’em.

Now it’s onto Week 2 – which includes eating 30 almonds in one go…. I’ll report back.


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