Well, we have nearly done – we are almost there! What feels like the longest month of our lives is nearly behind us and that bank balance is going to be nicely topped up. PAY DAY.

Now I downloaded my Natwest App (a life changing revelation, I kid you not) I can check my balance regularly and see if I have any money to play with (answer in short – no.) But at the end of this month I figured I should treat myself and get myself something #treatyoself

I used to wear heels every day in my job, it was a little frowned upon for women to wear flats (… for the women). But one day, after tackling a pebbled floor outside a steel manufacturer not so graciously and slipping and ripping my pencil skirt open in front of a crowd of workers I though – no more! Or maybe it was the day where I was resting on my heel in an important meeting off-site with a client, and my heel snapped halfway through and I had to announce at the end of the meeting “thank you for your time. Just so you are aware, my heel has snapped and I am going to have to put on my work out trainers….apologies”, resulting in my walking out in a tight dress, smart blazer and running trainers. Anyway – all in all I have given up, who has the patience?

Enter – the Russell & Bromley leather loafers – dreamy right?

I think these bad boys are going to be my January treat to myself, ‘cos I deserve it.


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