And next on the Class Pass review is none other than Core Collective – Velocity.

Core Collective is a gym based in High Street Kensington that offers a variety of intense (…and I am not using that word lightly) classes – there are seven overall.

Now, I am yet to try all seven because it takes me around 2 weeks to recover from each class so for now I will just discuss Velocity.

The class is made up of between 8-12 people in a room with different contraptions placed around the room – all looking as intriguing and ominous as the next – (the equipment not the people.)

You will warm up for a few minutes and then start off with three rounds of a circuit on the floor including; burpees, high knee sprints, planks, squat jumps and lunges amongst others. After a good ten minutes you feel suitable exhausted for the instructor to announce “now onto the real workout”. And boy…what a workout.

Once everyone is paired up you will begin circuit training which is run like a military operation and gruelling to say the least. The class has around 8 different circuits set up ranging from full body rope slams to weighted box jumps – each and everyone working a muscle you forgot you had! Now I must admit I love the variety in this class, each circuit last about 90 seconds so you are changing a lot which makes the 45 mins fly by. Also the class is great for getting out any frustration – and I mean really work it out. Beast mode is activated in this class, especially with the full body rope slams.

After around 20 mins and just when you think you can give no more, it’s back onto the floor for more core work – this lasts for around 10 minutes and then it’s the cool down (my favourite bit of any class.)

Now – this class is not for the faint-hearted nor is it for people suffering with injuries. It’s high impact and I would advise building up your strength just a little before trying it. The reason I say this is when I first did this class I tried to do a circuit which involved putting my feet on the seat of a rowing machine and I face planted the floor… it was a low moment.

This class is great – one of my favourites. And another perk is the amazing café upstairs that is healthy, tasty and instagrammable- what more could you ask for? Defintilely get yourself down to today, what have you got to lose? (Apart from the ability to put on any clothes unaided for a day or two after…)




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