Christmas seems like a distant memory…I can almost hear the faint sound of Prosecco bottles popping and am breathing in the last of the cinnamon in the air….

And to top it all off – we are in January. The beginning of a new year and the middle of what seems like an eternity since payday. However, not all is lost. Now it is January I can delve into all my Christmas presents and put them to good use, huzzah!

After a disastrous present swapping last year with my boyfriend and myself – which included me receiving a £65 pair of Cruella DeVille gloves that were non-returnable – he has picked up the dropped hints very well and arrived at mine in Durham with a massive bag from Space NK.

A Space NK stocking is always a good idea – and in there was a massive Diptyque candle. #impressed

In fact it is bigger than any candle I have had before *hurr hurr* and I was over the moon…. and after a quick swapping of scents we are good to go. Granted, I sound incredibly spoilt but the gloves were a by product of leaving my present shopping until 4pm on Christmas Eve and the only scent I do not like from Diptyque is Tubereuse.

I changed to Baies – which is described as “a bouquet of blackcurrant leaves and Bulgarian rose blend beautifully to create this exclusive Diptyque candle.” However I am not a rose scent gal, but this smells earthy enough to be comforting and fresh, it’s gorgeous. What’s even better about Diptyque is that you don’t even have to light them – they are so strong they make your room smell delightful all day long, which is great because it feels less like I am burning away my money if I don’t actually light it.

Diptyque are a gorgeous brand and its history is quite something – it was originally founded by three friends who set up their first store along the famous Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris in 1961. After they invented their first fragrance called L’Eau, they branched into eau de toilettes, soaps, colognes and candles. They have been a success for over 50 years and have expanded across the world.

A little bit of Diptyque history first for those of you who fancy a slice of beauty school trivia. Diptyque was originally founded by three friends who set up their first store along the famous Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris in 1961. After the creation of their first fragrance L’Eau, soon followed eau de toliettes, soaps, colognes, body products, room fragrances and candles in more innovative scents. Over 50 years on and Diptyque now have stores and stockists all over the world – trust me I’ve seen the list, it’s impressive.

Seriously, although the large ones RRP at £42, they are well worth the investment. They smell gorgeous, they last a long time and when you are done, make them into makeup brush holders. #wortheverypenny



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